The One Year Anniversary of Our Engagement

August 22, 2020 was the one year anniversary of our engagement. Since we are less than a month away from the wedding, I thought I’d reminisce about the magical proposal that occurred this time last year!

It began with a lovely stroll around World Showcase in Epcot on a Thursday evening after work. Mike gently took my hand and guided me toward one of our favorite locations in the Italy Pavilion. I didn’t realize a crowd had gathered and that our friends were waiting on the outskirts to capture the moment. I turned away for one second, when Mike called out my name. I turned around to see him on one knee, presenting a ring. It was my dream ring, a white gold band with Celtic knots, elegant scrollwork, and an oval sapphire. The crowd started clapping as I ran to him, and of course said yes in between tears and laughter.

Our friends Katie and Mitch were there to capture the moment for us to remember forever, and my friend Rachel also provided extra magic with our “Just Engaged” Disney buttons. After the surprise proposal, we celebrated by drinking peach moscato and eating dinner at one of my favorite Disney restaurants, Tutto Italia! It was a truly perfect, romantic, fairy tale moment!

I barely even had time to tell my family, because the next morning, we were setting sail on our very first Disney cruise! I quickly called them and told them the news before boarding the Disney Dream for a wonderful three-day vacation. That whole weekend was like living on cloud nine!

I can’t believe the wedding is almost here, and I look forward to sharing the highlights with you!

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