A Little Home Organization

Since I’m home all day due to the pandemic, I’ve begun to notice all the ways I can make my home a little neater and more organized. Instead of letting the little inconveniences continue to bother me, I am trying to look for solutions that either A) make my life easier or B) reflect more of my personal design style in the space. 

Starting with…

My new desk! Welcome to my center of operations. I love having my own personal space to use my laptop or write letters to friends and family. Definitely an upgrade compared to sitting at the kitchen table. 

I’ve also introduced a new bar cart to fill an empty corner of our apartment. Perfect for entertaining guests at future dinner parties! The art deco design makes the cart look like it came straight out of The Great Gatsby. Just need to add some flowers and a few more bottles to complete this project.

Finally, I wanted someplace new to organize my Minnie Mouse Ears. I always forget to bring a pair with me to the theme parks because they are all tucked away in the closet. Out of sight, out of mind, as they say. Now, with my new Mouse Ears Headband Display from MousekeMemoriesCo’s Etsy shop, I won’t forget to pick a pair on my way out!

It’s not much, but these home changes boosted my mood tremendously and made me feel a little more at peace. 

How are you keeping busy and organizing things at home? Are you working on any new DIY projects? Share your home improvements in the comments below!

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