How to Find Your Inner Speorg Note

*Spoilers ahead for the film Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga*

If you haven’t seen Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga yet on Netflix, I highly recommend it. At first, I admired the film for its quirky humor, catchy soundtrack, and uplifting message. By the fourth time around (yes, I’m obsessed), I took to heart the film’s message about listening to your heart and following your dreams, which Sigrit does by singing the mythical, magical Speorg Note.

In the movie, Lars (played by Will Ferrell) and Sigrit (played by Rachel McAdams) perform in a band together called Fire Saga. It has always been Lars’ one true dream to bring glory to Iceland by winning the annual Eurovision Song Contest. Sigrit supports Lars’ dream, even if it means making extravagant costume, music, and choreography changes to win. This burden ultimately forces Sigrit to begin her own journey of self-discovery and what would really make her happy.

Throughout the film, Sigrit begins to realize she needs to listen to her heart and follow her own one true dream. This dream is revealed in the film’s culminating song Hulsavik, where Sigrit sings, “All I need is you and me and my hometown.” She discovers that what she’s wanted all along is a relationship with Lars, a family together, and a life in the town where they both grew up. It is during this song that Sigrit sings from her heart and hits the elusive Speorg Note.

I thought this was a pretty profound message for what seemed like a silly comedy at first. So here I am, trying to help you find your inner Speorg Note through the creative outlet that speaks to you the most! 


  1. First, write a list of five or more different wishes or desires you have, beginning with “I want to…”
  2. Refine your list and make these dreams as specific as possible. (For example, rewrite “I want to travel the world” to something like “I want to take a vacation to Europe to explore new cultures, foods, and people.”)
  3. Now that you have your basic list of desires, I want you to draw a star next to any desires that seem purely externally motivated. Maybe it is what your parents always wanted for you, or it’s driven by peer pressure.
  4. Next, I want you to draw a heart next to any desire that has little-to-no external influence. It’s something you’ve always intrinsically wanted for yourself, regardless of how difficult it is to achieve or whether others would approve. Maybe you want to start a family, change your career, move to a new city, or perfect a skill. Your dream can be anything you want it to be!
  5. Now that you’ve narrowed down your list, I want you to think about all the possible art forms you enjoy. A few ideas to get you started: Photography, drawing, writing, dancing, acting, painting, knitting, pottery, cooking, interior design…what art form makes YOU happy?  
  • Use your favorite art form as a creative outlet to express your one true dream. For Sigrit, it was writing and singing her own song that allowed her to hit the Speorg Note. Only you know what will truly make you happy!  

If you’ve already followed your one true dream, then congratulations! Now you can either find a new dream or keep reminding yourself to enjoy what you’ve already accomplished. If you are still hoping to hit the Speorg Note, I encourage you to keep following your dreams! Listen to your heart, and don’t let anything hold you back!

All images from Eurovision. (2020, June 24). Eurovision song contest: The story of fire saga – out now!

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