Our Virtual Wedding Cake Consultation and Tasting

My fiancé Mike and I participated in a Virtual Cake Consultation with Richard at Sprinkles Custom Cakes to begin discussing our wedding cake! To prepare, Mike picked up a well-organized tasting plate from the bakery so we could sample different cakes and fillings.

Richard was the pinnacle of excellent customer service and has over 25 years of industry experience, so we knew were in good hands! We started our conversation by covering some of the basics. We knew we wanted a three tier, naked cake that can feed 30 guests. Richard drew up a sketch for what the cake could look like and made suggestions based on our vision. He recommended adding a gold fondant ribbon around the base of each tier to make the cake visually pop and so that the naked cake doesn’t look quite so naked! We also decided to add burgundy and blush roses as an accent to each tier. 

Surprisingly, even with all the extra additions, the cost came in under our what we originally budgeted! I can already tell the cake will LOOK fantastic – the next step was determining how we will make it TASTE fantastic!

This is where the tasting plate comes in! We received an organized guide with our plate that explained how everything was arranged. Richard encouraged us to pair each cake with different fillings so we tried several combinations.

All the flavors were delicious, but we had a clear favorite: Classic vanilla cake perfumed with house-made Italian Amaretto and filled with Amaretto custard. We know that not all our guests will like that bold choice, however, so the other tier we are serving to guests will be flavored differently. Possibly marble cake with a fruity custard filling? We’re still deciding! 

If you’re planning your wedding cake, here are some recommendations we can offer based on our experience:

  • Keep an open mind about the flavors. I thought I would love the chocolate cake and fudge filling. After doing the taste test, I actually preferred the vanilla cake and fruity fillings!
  • That being said, think about which flavors your guests would prefer. Since Mike is Italian, we wanted to honor his heritage with the Italian Amaretto flavored cake for one of the tiers. We will also be serving an alternative choice so our guests have options.
  • If you’re doing a naked wedding cake, remember that the cake’s color will show through the icing. We realized that if we wanted red velvet cake, for example, we’d have to do red velvet for all three tiers to maintain a consistent look.
  • If you can find a bakery that will do all the decorations, flowers, and ribbons in house, DO IT! Sprinkles Custom Cakes was the first bakery we’ve spoken to that will provide the cake flowers themselves, versus asking the florist to provide them. (We are saving at least $100 by having the bakery provide the flowers instead.)
  • Save a tier for later! This is pretty common, since most couples save a tier for their anniversary a year later. Sprinkles Custom Cakes is giving us a free cake that we can pick up from the bakery closer to our anniversary so we don’t have to freeze a tier, which is an incredibly kind gesture! 

Overall, planning our wedding cake has been one of the most exciting (and indulgent!) experiences in our planning so far. Thank you to Sprinkles Custom Cakes for guaranteeing a super sweet end to our reception with the perfect cake! 

What would your dream wedding cake look like? Which flavor combinations do you think are the most interesting? Let us know in the comments!

3 thoughts on “Our Virtual Wedding Cake Consultation and Tasting

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  1. Hi Jess,

    Loved your post! Your point about the cake colour showing through the icing is definitely something I will take on board. I was thinking of having one layer red velvet and one chocolate with white coloured icing so I’m pleased you have bought this to my attention. Can you clarify what you mean by naked cake?

    Also saving a tier for later is a really cute idea! ❤

    Katy xo.


    1. Thank you for reading! Your cake sounds stunning! A naked cake means they will scrape off some of the icing so you can subtly see the cake through icing. It’s a very rustic, chic look! We are hoping the look will be enhanced by the fondant ribbon and flowers so it’s not totally bare. Wishing you the best of luck in your wedding planning! 💖


      1. Oooooo, this sounds nice! We’ve been looking at a couple of barns, so rustic would definitely go well with that theme 🥰


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