My Must-See Tokyo Itinerary: Day Five

My vacation to Tokyo, Japan, was one of the best trips of my life. I fully immersed myself in planning the trip by watching countless YouTube videos, reading several travel blogs, browsing through multiple Pinterest pins, and chatting with friends who have visited before.  

Hopefully this itinerary can save you some time if you’re ever planning a future trip to Tokyo and want to see the highlights!

Day Five: Sanrio Puroland 

We finished our trip with a visit to Sanrio Puroland, a.k.a. Hello Kitty Land. This indoor theme park was honestly very well done, and we enjoyed an entire day there.

  • Visit the Kiki & Lala Twinklingtour for a pastel wonderland full of photo ops. 
  • Explore Lady Kitty’s House for even more photo ops of what it’s like inside Kitty’s enormous mansion. You can even take a photo with Kitty at the end!
  • Climb up the stairs of the Wisdom Tree and ring Hello Kitty’s Bell of Happiness for good luck!
  • We ate lunch at the Character Food Court, and the sweetest souvenirs came with our meals. I received a dessert serving plate, and my brother received a lunchbox. Since we were there during Hello Kitty’s 45th Anniversary Celebration, I ordered the slice of anniversary cake for dessert – it honestly tasted better than any wedding cake I’ve ever eaten!
  • Get a good spot to see the Miracle Gift Parade for a lot of well-known Sanrio characters, spectacular dancing, and a fun story. It’s a bit cheesy and meant for kids, but that’s how we culminated our trip to Sanrio Puroland. 

If you are planning a trip to Japan, feel free to reach out with any questions! I’m happy to help with transportation logistics, budgeting tips, or detailed reviews of these travel highlights!  

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