Wedding Planning: Take Two

Wedding planning is hard enough the first time around. You have to set up multiple site visits with your vendors, they have to be available for your wedding date and time, their services have to be within your price range, the quality has to match your vision…a lot of time, effort, and communication goes into planning even the simplest weddings.

Well, we thought we had it all figured out the first time. A beautiful venue, a fantastic caterer, a wonderful officiant, and an impressive photographer. All our vendors met our needs in terms of quality, affordability, and flexibility. 

Then COVID-19 happened. 

We knew that by June we had to make a decision for our October 2020 wedding: To cancel or not to cancel? Ultimately, we decided we wanted to keep our original wedding date, since it holds sentimental meaning for us. The day after our wedding will be our Lucky #7 years of being together, and we didn’t want to wait another year to get married.

We are now in the midst of planning a small wedding ceremony and reception in Florida. We are deeply saddened we cannot have all our friends and family in attendance, but we hope that in the next couple years, we can plan a big family reunion to celebrate.

There’s no doubt that planning a whole new wedding in only three months has come with its fair share of anxiety, frustration, and disappointment. At this point, I just want our wedding to finally be here so we can begin our lives as a married couple! Thankfully, Central Florida is home to a lot of amazing wedding vendors who completely understand our situation and are going above and beyond to help us out. Mike and I are so grateful we will still get to celebrate our special day together.

If you’re a 2020 bride in a similar situation, here are a few tips that might help you out with making a few decisions:

  • Decide right now if your original wedding date matters or if it can be moved. If you don’t mind waiting another year so you can have your dream wedding, it might be less stressful to go ahead and move your wedding to 2021.
    • For us, we decided it was more important to keep our original wedding date, even if we have to make a few sacrifices. 
  • If you decide to have your wedding this fall, expect to whittle down your guest list to comply with CDC guidelines and/or new venue rules. 
    • For example, we can only have 9 guests at our ceremony, but our reception venue will allow us to have up to 30 guests. We will only have immediate family at the ceremony, but we are inviting more guests to the second half of the festivities. 
  • If you are in the process of cancelling your 2020 wedding plans, do not automatically assume that your vendors won’t give you a refund. It doesn’t hurt to ask!
    • We were pleasantly surprised when our original wedding venue gave us a 100% refund, including our security deposit! Now we can put those funds toward planning the new, smaller wedding.  

Are you a bride-to-be who had to change your 2020 wedding plans? Share your story in the comments below!

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